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Cat Catnip Pillow Toy - Hand Made Cute Porcupine Mix Patterns Rectangle - 4 ea

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Catnip Filled Cat Toys

Porcupines Mixed Patterns Rectangle


You will receive catnip filled 4 Pillow Toys

Catnip will attract about 80% of adult cats. The pungent aroma of leaves and blossoms will act as an aphrodisiac and will have calming effect that connects them to their "home roots". Rub on scratching post, or use in toys & sleeping areas.

All pillow toys will be in individual zip-lock bags. Please store in cool dry place.

Not all cats will love catnip. I sell lots of catnip and almost all of cats love my catnip.

Please see my Catnip selection in my store.

If you buy 8 Pillow Toys or more, You will receive 2 free random pattern cat pillow toys.


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