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Catnip Bulk (0.10 oz-1 lb) - Fine Grind Very Potent FRESH-DRIED GREEN - Single Bags {Free Shipping}

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Fresh, Dried Green, Fine Grind, Very Potent

Catnip will be bagged fresh when we receive order.

You will receive individual 1 oz bags.

If you want bulk packaging please let us know. If need more than 1LB, please let us know we gladly quote you.

You can use our catnip as tea, or in our Catnip Pillow Toys for your cat.

Our catnip will attract 80% of adult cats, not all cats. The pungent aroma of leaves and blossoms will act as an aphrodisiac and will have calming effect that connects them to their "home roots". Rub on scratching post or use in toys & sleeping areas.

Kittens are not affected by this plant. If your kitten is genetically predisposed to enjoy it, then she will probably start reacting at about two months old. It may take up to six months for your kitten to start reacting. If your kitty hasn't started reacting by the time she is six months old, then she probably will never enjoy it.

Please store in refrigerator or in cool dry place.

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