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Icon Eros from Terrace Houses in Ephesus - RARE Small Replica #02-11

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Icon of The Eros from Terrace Houses - South Wall, Ephesus Turkey


Houses on the slopes behind Ephesus are to be seen opposite the Temple of Hadrian. Those on the upper slopes are reached via steps. They are situated on the slopes of Bulbul Mountain, with the roof of one house forming the terrace of that above it. They were inhabited by wealthy Ephesians, and are finely decorated with mosaics and frescos. Built in the period of Augustus, they were much altered and continued to be inhabited until the 7th century AD., according to the evidence of excavations. Two of the insulae houses have been totally restored and are now open to the public.

This replica was made with Gypsum Stone. Hand made replication process has extensive aging process.

This replica is glued on black color painted board (back of the board is not painted).You can display by hanging on your wall or on an easel.

This hand made piece can be a nice gift or perfect display unit for your home.

Pictures are taken in different light exposure for you to see clearly and decide per environment you will be displaying.

Each replica is unique since touch ups are different due to artists' work. Dimensions are different for each replica but we are indicating dimension ranges below.

Dimensions: (Aprroximately)

Dimension variations(longer or shorter) can be about 1" for width and height.

Board Dimension: 8"x10"

Board Thickness: 1/4"

Replica Dimension: 5.5"x7.5"

Replica Thickness: 1/2"



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